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Diamondback Fitness 910Ic

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Diamondback Fitness 910Ic


Product Description

Diamondback Fitness, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011, brings the experience of training in a studio cycling class into the home with the launch of the 910Ic, the first indoor cycle to put computer-controlled resistance at your finger tips. The digital interface outputs 32 levels of resistance and 18 workout programs, including 12 presets and four heart-rate-controlled programs that emulate riding in real-world conditions. Feedback is delivered on an LCD display that accurately tracks time, distance, calories, heart rate, watts, speed and RPMs.

Consistent with Diamondback Fitness commitment to quality and value, the 910Ic features top-grade components at a value price, including a 40lb. flywheel, heavy duty steel frame, a wireless heart-rate training feature and versatile adjustments for the seat and handlebars to dial in the most efficient riding position. It’s an essential training tool for indoor studio cycling enthusiasts and cyclists looking for a bad weather alternative to outdoor road rides.


  • Heavier 40-lb. flywheel allows users to build up momentum and recreate the high rpm training techniques used by outdoor cyclists and indoor studio cycling enthusiasts
  • Adjustability - Adjustability is a key factor in the overall design. Indoor cycles must have up/down and fore/aft adjustments on the seats and handlebars so each user can "set up" the cycle for their specific body size. "Lever" style adjustment handles makes it easier to loosen and tighten critical adjustments
  • Heavy-duty pedal cranks - Heavy-duty pedal cranks give you the performance needed for high intensity workouts
  • Training techniques - Training techniques include high rpm speeds while seated, alternating with lower rpm sections and high resistance levels, similar to standing on a road bike when going up steep inclines
  • Multi-position handlebars - Multi-position handlebars let you use a variety of body positions while training to help work different muscle groups.
  • Motivation and challenge are key - Motivation and challenge are keys to a successful workout program on an indoor cycle. The 910Ic indoor cycle provides you with preprogrammed riding courses, automatic resistance changes, real-time feedback regarding miles traveled, calories burned, speed and time
  • Self-generating electronic resistance system - Means you can use the 910Ic indoor cycle in your home or out on your back deck or patio
  • Wireless heart rate controlled resistance - Allows you to train effectively by staying at your target heart rate throughout the workout program
  • Computer Controlled Magnetic Resistance - Automatically simulate studio class workouts or outdoor training with a touch of a button for resitance control. Just like changing gears on a bike. No need to spin a knob.
  • 32 levels of resistance - Insure a smooth resistance transition between program intensity levels
  • 18 workout programs: 12 preset programs, 4 heart rate controlled programs, manual and custom User settings
  • Wireless heart rate-Polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver
  • Built in water bottle cage, premium water bottle and storage compartment
  • Custom graphics only available on a Diamondback Fitness product


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lifetime limited
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