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Spirit CIC800 Spin Bike

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Spirit CIC800 Spin Bike


Product Description

The CIC800 Indoor Cycle excels in three critical areas – durability, comfort andperformance. It is a perfect addition to a club, corporate fitness/recreation center, school or hotel because the stout design will withstand hours of consistent use. The needle bearings that encompass the pedals and flywheel axle, industrial grade Hutchinson Poly-V belt, and our three piece crank work synergistically to create the perfect formula for durability and performance. The fore/aft/up/down adjustments of the handlebars and seat along with SPD dual pedal design provide a comfortable fit for nearly any size rider.


  • FOOT PEDAL-with any product, customization is of extreme importance. We addressed this issue with a dual function pedal. On one side is a standard flat surface with a toe cage that appeals to the average exerciser. On the other side is a premium SPD clip that will be utilized by avid cyclists.
  • FLYWHEEL-Perimeter weighted, high-inertia 37 lbs. flywheel.
  • THE SPLINED RECEIVER-for the pedal cranks enhances stability and requires less maintenance than a square receiver.
  • BEARINGS-Needle bearings that encompass the flywheel and pedal/crank joint promote quiet, fluid rotation.
  • PAINTDURABILITY-Durable Powder-Coat Paint.
  • FRAME DURABILITY-A 126 lb. frame consisting of 2.5mm thick oval tubing and round bars that enhance stability and promote longevity.
  • CONTACT POINTS-The co-molded rotary resistance/brake knob and “L” shaped joint adjustment handles promote comfort.
  • EFFICIENCY-Rear joint cover offers a convenient, effective calf stretch.
  • STABILITY-Oversized floor casters provide a stable base of support for simulated climbs out of the saddle and heavier riders.
  • COMFORT-Micro fore/aft adjustments on seat and handlebars.
  • CLARITY-Aluminum seat and handlebar post with stamped height settings for quick reference.


  • RESISTENCE-Magnetic, Rotary Knob; Micro Adjustments
  • DRIVE TRAIN-Industrial Grade Hutchinson Poly-V Belt and ISIS Oversized Bottom Bracket
  • FLYWHEEL-Perimeter Weighted 37lbs Flywheel; High Inertia System
  • SEAT-Racing Saddle
  • FOOT PEDALS-Dual Sided with SPD & Toe Cage
  • FRAME-High Strength Steel with Durable Powder Coat Paint
  • HANDLE BAR PVC-coated, Multi-Grip Design, Built-In Water Bottle Holder
  • HANDLEBAR/SEAT POSTS-Aluminum with Stamped Numerical Height Indicators
  • ADJUSTMENTS-Up/Down - Reliable Pop-Pin Adjustments; Fore/Aft - Knob Tightening Micro Adjustments.
  • USER SIZE RANGE-Typically 4’11” to 6’5” tall
  • DIMENSIONS-42” X 21” X 40.5”
  • MAX USER WEIGHT-350 lbs.


  • Commercial Warranty Information
(Dues paying facility) FRAME10 Years PARTS3 Years LABOR1 Year WEAR ITEMS (GRIPS AND TOE CAGE STRAPS)1 Year
  • Commercial Warranty Information
(Non dues paying facility) FRAME15 Years PARTS3 Years LABOR1 Year WEAR ITEMS (GRIPS AND TOE CAGE STRAPS)1 Year
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