Body Solid GVKR82 Upper Body Machine


Warranty_Endurance_LifetimeMSRP $475

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The Body-Solid WVKR82 is a complete upper body machine that will develop your abs, narrow your waistline, strengthen your back, pump up your arms, and broaden your chest and shoulders. An awesome head-turning body can be yours when you own the WVKR82 from Body-Solid. This versatile machine is specifically engineered to increase the effectiveness of each exercise for fast visible results that will motivate you and keep you coming back for more. Ease of use and natural motion allow you to give complete attention to every muscle you choose to develop by using your own body weight as resistance. With the WVKR82, you’re always ready. No plates to load, no pins to adjust.

The heavy-gauge 2″ x 2″ all-4-side welded steel frame is set to a 10° reverse pitch, securely locking you into position for increased abdominal range of motion. Knee raises, oblique twists and leg raises are far more effective on the WVKR82, tightening your midsection with every rep. Now work your Triceps, Shoulders, Lats and Lower Pecs simultaneously on the easily accessible Dip Station featuring comfortable oversized handgrips. Move down to the pushup station which is mounted a full 12″ of the floor for the deepest pec building push-ups possible. The Lat pull-up / chin-up station features an easy entry design and is engineered for a variety of hand positions for maximum development of lats, shoulders and arms without obstruction. The bottom line: the WVKR82 offers a wealth of health at a very affordable price with a warranty that lasts a lifetime. Dimensions: 82″H x 43″W x 57″D

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