Bodysolid GLCE365 Seated Leg Extension/Supine Leg Curl Bench

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Leg extensions and leg curls are high priority exercises with trainers, bodybuilders, and coaches. These exercises define the front and back of the leg. They strengthen the knees, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. They also serve to protect the knee and joints from stress and injury.

Body-Solid Leg Extension & Curl Machines are engineered with the user in mind. They adjust to fit your body comfortably and position you for optimum exercise posture. Full commercial warranty.

Weight plate post is 1″ dia. Olympic Adapter Sleeve, weight plates, and collars optional.

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Assembled Weight: 92lb / 41.73kg
Assembled Dimensions: Length Width Height
74.00in / 1,879.60mm 27.00in / 685.80mm 31.00in/787.40mm
Package Dimensions: Length Width Height
39.37in / 1,000.00mm 30.31in / 769.87mm 9.45in / 240.03mm
Volume Gross Weight
6.53 ft3 / 0.19 m3 100.25lb / 45.47kg


BODY-SOLID warrants the In-Home Warranty as follows:

LIFETIME: Frame & Welds LIFETIME: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods LIFETIME: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear)