Powerblock Kettlebell Handle



Turning a set of dumbbells into a set of Kettlebells has never been easier, just drop the 10 pound handle with a 25mm grip diameter into any compatible weight stack and begin. Adding another dimension to different movements gets the most out of every workout. This is an excellent tool for kettlebell swings, farmers walks, lunges, and more.

  • Sold as a single unit (1 handle)
  • 25mm grip diameter
  • Handle weighs 10 lbs
  • Does not contain adder weight ports

Compatible Models:

  • Pro 50 (Pro Series)
  • Pro EXP (Pro Series)
  • Pro 50 and Pro 90 (Pro Commercial Series)
  • U50, U70, U90 (Urethane Series)
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0/5 (0 Reviews)