Tiger Tail “The long One” Handheld Massager 22″




Tiger Tail Original 22″ Portable Foam Roller Massage Stick. Our longest portable foam roller is perfect for back massage or massaging your buddy. Great for those who are tall, have broad shoulders, are less flexible, have limited mobility, or want to focus on back massage. The 22″ works great for both upper and lower body work. Massages and works out muscle knots in all muscle groups including neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads. Shoulder massages feel best with a buddy helping you. Easy to use at work, use after exercise, travel with or put in a back pack. Cushioned foam center spins. 22” long. 14” massage surface. (Each handle is 4″ long.)

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0/5 (0 Reviews)