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What is the warranty on products available through Fitness Equipment Etc.?

Fitness Equipment Etc. offers a wide variety of products from a fairly select group of manufacturers. The warranty varies from one manufacturer to the next and sometimes from one product to the next. You should check the product description on this website for individual warrantys but some of the major ones are listed below:

Body-Solid features an Exclusive In-Home Lifetime Warranty on Everything. Pads, Pulleys, Cables, Frames…You name it. It’s all covered. Forever. Period.
If any Body-Solid bench-line product fails structurally under normal in-home usage, we will repair or replace without charge to you.

Keys Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on equipment frames, 10 years on motors, 5 years on decks and belts, 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Landice home treadmills feature an assignable bumper-to-bumper Lifetime Warranty on all parts, including wear items.

Vision Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on frames and brakes, 2 years on electronics and parts and 1 year on labor.

The above descriptions are provided for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to represent the expressed warrantees of any individual manufacturer. Warranty information specific to the manufacturer and product is available at the time of purchase.

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